Beards! Where do we start?

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Beards! What are they? Just another part of the human race? Are they just another burden given to men, a problem that grows out of the face only to be shaven? We here at The Black Hat Beard Company beg to differ.

Let us take a walk down the world of beards. Men have been growing beards since the start of time. Some of them because they had no means of removing it, others because it provided a warm comfort for the colder seasons. Other men grow beards to state their authority or look masculine and strong. Some just have them to hide a feature on their face they feel brings them down, while others have beards because it compliments their jaw line. Now here is the snag!

People in general have their own opinions when it comes to beards. Men, children, teenagers and women all have their own thoughts. We like them, we hate them, they gross us out and they make us look forward to the future. But one thing we can all say with confidence here at Black Hat, is that growing a beard is not for all. It takes time and effort and most of all care. Yes, having thin hair might make you feel that it is an impossible task, NO, you are wrong, all you need is more time and more discipline.

Now let us go through a few styles, or let me put it better, commercially recognizable styles of beards. There are so many bad and so many good looking ones, but I will stay with the few I found that will give you a rough idea of what we are dealing with here.

The Mustache : Feared by many but loved by so many more. There was a time in our world, not just us here in South Africa, but the whole of planet earth, where having a mustache was a must. Men wore them with pride and made them part of their daily lives, combing, stroking, turning and even oiling them. People saw these men and immediately knew that those men either cared for themselves or had power in some sort of way. Here is an example of that.

Von ZeppelinNot only does the man wear it well, you can immediately see and feel, damn, this guy is going places. Therefore growing the mustache is not a sin and a way of scaring the opposite sex, but rather a way of life. Yes we have gone through a stage in life where the stache made you seem strange and untidy, but we have passed that. Now you can be a bearer of the Mustache and feel like a true ambassador of beards.

Moving on, let us gracefully touch our next beard in line.

The Goatee : Here we have a dilemma, not only do you have the upper lip to worry about, but you also have a long sometimes thin sometimes thick beard hanging on your chin. At times you might feel like it isn’t worth it, but trust me if you care for it, it will care for you. Goatee’s have been in the world for very long, powerful figures like : Spock, Iron Man and even Che Guevara wore these bad boys. So why must we not?

long-goateeWe are aware that the world have seen goatees as a recognition of the evil or the bad, but thanks to time and persistence we have crossed that bridge and can now wear our Goatee’s with pride.

Moving along…

The Mutton Chops : Never have I had the privilege myself to sport these famous icons, but feel that they will always have a place in our world. Men like Elvis and Hulk Hogan, the famous and powerful Wolverine all felt the need to say, “Look at me, I am here” , marking themselves in any crowd as the one who doesn’t care. The person who is not afraid to be different. Like the Stache and the Goat, yes, you still need to care for these bad boys. They are on the side, mostly part of the hair, so trimming and washing is made a bit easier.

553317d5bf06ff757bc2124555919745Comb them daily and keep them inside our world, for they will always allow you to be recognized no matter where you go in the world. But do keep in mind, the harsher the Mutt, the better the look will be! So grow them long and thick, stand to the point and make us proud!

Who might be next?

Full Beard : The full beard can be seen on all corners of the world these days. It takes the longest and looks the roughest, but it does not mean it is accepted by the most. Women fear the full beard, not for the look but mostly for the feel. It is seen as untidy by the professional world and sometimes make us look like bandits or criminals. But do not fear, that can be controlled. Comb it, wash it, wax it and please oil it. The beard is sensitive and needs care. You don’t walk into the world of work without a good wash of the hair or a good comb of the head. No, we make sure it looks good.

James_Abram_Garfield,_photo_portrait_seatedBeard care has been an essential part of the mans life once, but we might have lost sight of that goal, so let us not neglect our facial hair, but rather care for them. Make them feel part of us and maybe, just maybe, they will help us and make us look stronger, meaner, manlier and even allow us to have more style in our lives.

Keeping in mind that here at, The Black Hat Beard Company, we sell products designed just for your beard. They have many products with different uses and fragrances. So check out the Products page and order your combo today.

I thank you for reading the launch entry of the Black Hat blog, but this is not the end. I will soon be going into the world of growing a beard from scratch. I will blog regularly to tell you about how it feels and works, and then stay in touch with more beard facts and fictions.

I will also post some blogs for the shavers, on how to make shaving your face a better and longer part of your life. Let us not make face and beard care a burden, but create a ritual rather, that allows us to feel strong about caring for our Beards and Faces.

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Keep it growing guys and please feel free to interact on the blog. Stay true to your beard and be part of the #BeardBearers life. Together we will bring beards back.

J.L. Borstlap


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    diannejwilson said:
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    Awesome! This website looks amazing. Well done friend!


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