Why do you beard?

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Good Day all Beardsmen, Beard Bearers and Beardettes!

Today or this week I write a post on a more serious note. Lately I have thought about the world of Beards, why people grow beards, why they keep on styling or grooming their facial hair without shaving it off. Yes, you might think why would anyone think that, but stop for one second and put yourself back a few meters and think. People seldom ask you as a bearded man, “Why do you grow a beard?”, now your reason is your own but there are a couple of possibilities it can be.  You do it to fit in to a group of friends! You grow a beard to try something new! Your face now suddenly have hair because you just left school and feel that it will make you a man! Growing a beard is frowned upon by some and you want to be different, or you do it because you really want too.

Now understand the difference between making a small change and wanting too.

Most people in our daily society are all clean shaven, wearing nice clothing with styled hair and a good fashion sense. Every now and then walking in a large crowd, you would find the odd individual sporting a great beard. “Strange look, surely he is lazy!” is one of the many thoughts running in the minds of a lot of the people around him. “Hippies, they are being seen more and more in the streets.” is another one of those. But to me it has always been, “I wish I had the guts or the confidence to grow my beard like that” not because I am a woos or a coward but in my mind being cleanly shaven was the only acceptable style to have in the new world.  Up until one summer eve when I walked into Cox Pottery studio with my wife and met a man throwing his beard around the room with pride. First like I said my mind went, “NOOOO, now I will have beard envy for most of the evening” and went on with the night like normal. Couple of weeks later I hear through the grape vine that he is the owner of a company called , The Black Hat Beard Co. , firstly I never knew such a thing existed and now felt the urge to know more.

Needles to say I learned that there is more to our world than shaving and hairstyling, people actually grow beards and groom them with products. First question this man asked me was, “Do you like beards?” and in my mind I shouted , “Hell yes!!!” kept my cool and gave him a calm , “Yes, but never had the urge to grow one. Work, my wife doesn’t like the sting from the hairs when I kiss her etc etc.” feeling bad for lying with my eyes open. That night I accepted the chance to write for The Black Hat Beard Co. and start a new life journey, unaware of the change yet, to a happier and fuller me.

Please do not misunderstand me, I am as happy as can be. I have a wonderful family and a stunning wife! But this new project placed me in a totally new mind state. I did research about Beard Oils and Balms and Beards in general and soon felt part of their world. Took my wife to a sit down and convinced her to allow me to grow a beard. Yes, mission accomplished!

Now you sit in front of your mobile or computer and wonder, “Why did I start reading this?” , well here it is. I came here today to tell all the boys, teenagers and men out there shaving their mugs, only because it is accepted by our society, that there is more to it than that. I always had the urge and want to grow a beard, never did, until now, and let me tell you it feels great. I feel that I am doing something I really wanted to, I have something in my life only I can make sure stays under control. I feel better over all in life and society.

So please, put down the razor if you’ve always wanted too. Start growing that beard and join us here at The Black Hat Beard Co. in changing the minds of all the people frowning down on beards. Let us be the first to walk into the large crowd, with our beards and allow people to think, “That man really knows how to take care of himself” , still seeing the beard and letting all the other negative thoughts pass by.

The Black Hat Beard Co. is a company dedicated to helping you do just that. We sell Superior Beard Care products that will put your foot in the door of beard grooming. The rest is up to you! So make the decision, buy the products, grow the beard and join us in the movement in bringing back the beard!

I wish you all a wonderful day and week!

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Beard Bearer Signing out!

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One thought on “Why do you beard?

    fearsomebeard said:
    June 5, 2015 at 15:11

    Grow ’em if you got ’em!


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