Lady and the Beard!

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I have a thing for beards. Always have. So I guess it was inevitable that I would end up marrying a bearded man (even if he was clean shaven when he proposed, I could see the potential for awesome on that chin).
What I didn’t realize before I hooked up with Black Hat, is that there is, in fact, a secret code involved in living with The Beard. One needs to learn a new language, different etiquette, and, of course, kissing techniques.

It can either be a battleground or a paradise.

As #MrsBlackHat, I have decided to sympathize with all partners of bearded men and share the knowledge I have learnt through much trial, error and moustache-tickled nostrils.
Think of me as the guru of domestic, bearded bliss.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting a number of musings to make your relationship with The Beard work. Look out for tips on social situations, secret code, and sweet times with The Beard in your life.

And now, I’m off. I need to go attend to my Beard.


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