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So what is with the title?

I stuck the words beard and mustache into Google Translate, randomly selected Bosnian and hit enter.

Why the words beard & mustache?

Let me tell you.

This is it… The beginning of yet another adventure in the life of Black Hat.

We are proud to say it is official. Facial hair will be recognized in our community and we hope to do justice to all that might  join us or where we might get involved in any way.

We are talking about the launch of our beard club in East London, South Africa.

East London Stache n Beard!

SnB Logo

As a club we have met a couple of times but we would like to get ourselves on the map as a beard club. One among many in the world. We hope to achieve greatness of some sort in the future. There are some brilliant individuals that join us from time to time. I am sure there will be some upcoming introductions of some club members.

There are after all some class beards and stache’s in the club, and that’s what it’s all about.

It is still early days, but we will keep you posted on progress, events and the like.

If you are anything like me you would ask anther question, I’m sure.

Why a beard club? Well that’s easy. There are loads of people with beards. Why not get them together in one spot, have a drink, some good food and chat about beards & mustache’s? Share stories and build friendships.

Keep an eye, more to come…



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