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***Sixto Diaz Rodriguez, also known as Rodríguez or Jesús Rodríguez (born July 10, 1942), is an American folk musician from Detroit, Michigan. His career initially proved short lived, with two little-sold albums in the early 1970s and two Australian concert tours. Although retaining a loyal following in Australia, unknown to Rodriguez his albums became extremely successful and influential in South Africa. According to the film-makers of the documentary about him, Searching for Sugar Man, sales of his records outnumbered those of Elvis Presley in South Africa. He was rumored there to have committed suicide.[1]

In the 1990s, determined South African fans managed to find and contact Rodriguez, which led to an unexpected revival of his musical career. This is told in the 2012 Academy Award–winning documentary film Searching for Sugar Man, which helped give Rodriguez a measure of fame in his home country.

On May 9, 2013, Rodriguez received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from his alma mater, Wayne State University (WSU), in Detroit.

Rodriguez lives in Detroit’s historic Woodbridge neighborhood, through which he is seen walking in Searching for Sugar Man. ***

That is an excerpt from Wikipedia when you do a search for Sixto Rodriguez. Why do a search on him? Coz hes heading to South Africa again next year. At 73 to do a tour of this nature takes loads of guts. And that is what this is all about. Kudos to Mr Rodriguez.

There are so many people out there that has never heard of him or heard his music. That is very unfortunate and very sad. But for those that do know him – Hell Yeah! Super keen to get road tripping. Missed his last visit. No way I am missing this one. Watching the movie Searching for Sugar Man was quite something. Who knows what the truth is at all, ever. But lets just say that you can take everything as gospel and that’s what its like. Then I stand amazed by the man. Sugar Man. Humble as he was even after the found fame. Yes, I know it was a while ago already and lots has happened in between. Some good and some not so good. That doesn’t matter. I still think that is something to be noted. Doing everything as he did. Very cool, and yes. Hats off. Not sure if I would have.

Had a good friend over for a chat on skype today. Had a good catch-up and among some things that we chatted about, was Rodriguez. Another part of the character was revealed in that conversation. He is a very proud man. I respect him for that. Sometimes it can be a great thing to be proud, and to stand strong in that. Pride can be a rather nasty as well if it gets hold of you. That’s a story for another time. What I was saying. Proud to the point where he would stand through his whole concert. I don’t think many people would even know something like that, but it’s true.

He would take tremendous strain, but do it for the love of music and his fans.

Like I said earlier, another tour. I feel a road trip coming up.

We should take legends like these and keep their music burning hot for many more years.

Why would you want to do something like that? Because they are that damn good. I think there are many others like him…

Keen to hear from you guys who you think could be added to this list.


Have a good one. Black Hat.


brada & brkovi

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So what is with the title?

I stuck the words beard and mustache into Google Translate, randomly selected Bosnian and hit enter.

Why the words beard & mustache?

Let me tell you.

This is it… The beginning of yet another adventure in the life of Black Hat.

We are proud to say it is official. Facial hair will be recognized in our community and we hope to do justice to all that might  join us or where we might get involved in any way.

We are talking about the launch of our beard club in East London, South Africa.

East London Stache n Beard!

SnB Logo

As a club we have met a couple of times but we would like to get ourselves on the map as a beard club. One among many in the world. We hope to achieve greatness of some sort in the future. There are some brilliant individuals that join us from time to time. I am sure there will be some upcoming introductions of some club members.

There are after all some class beards and stache’s in the club, and that’s what it’s all about.

It is still early days, but we will keep you posted on progress, events and the like.

If you are anything like me you would ask anther question, I’m sure.

Why a beard club? Well that’s easy. There are loads of people with beards. Why not get them together in one spot, have a drink, some good food and chat about beards & mustache’s? Share stories and build friendships.

Keep an eye, more to come…


Fad or a Lifestyle?

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For what I am about to write I ask forgiveness, if necessary. I do not mean to offend anyone- not much, anyway. Here goes.

There is this thing- The Beard!


The Beard





What to do with it? Do you jump on the proverbial band wagon and grow, grow, grow, or do you keep it short and remark on other men’s facial hair with comments like “dirty beard”? What is in the minds of the majority- men and women-regarding beards? Is it a fad or is it a lifestyle?

Beards have been around as long as men have been around. Since the beginning of time.


Epictetus (AD 55) stated he would embrace death before shaving.


For those that think this is just a fad and it will blow over soon-If you have a beard, please shave. I don’t want to be full of crap, I just want to be honest. Be who you are. Look at yourself in the mirror and make a decision-with or without, and then do it. If you are riding the bandwagon, that’s cool as well -each to his own. Happy bearding. But take note-the beard is here to stay. I have known people with beards all my life- way before the beard thing became big anywhere. Again I say the beard is here to stay. Humanity and human DNA dictates that men will have beards as long as their bodies produce the needed chemicals to encourage hair growth on our chins. Why? Because that is how our Heavenly Father has made us. Men will be hairy.


A couple of decisions will have to be made from this point on.

 Yes or No

Do you shave or not?


Let’s say YES. What then? Then you shave, done. Are you less of a man? No. Are you cleaner than any of the other men that have a beard? No. In fact some clean shaven brothers are a bit grimier than many others. Whatever you decide to do, rather leave the insults about beards, dirt and crap at home. Hell yes! There is no difference when it comes to cleanliness. Some prefer the beard; others don’t.

Let’s say you decide to say NO to shaving. What then? Then you grow. Does that make you dirty? No. Does it make you more of a man? No. The chemicals that make hair grow are there. It is choice that dictates whether you have a beard or not. It does increase the manly look of some. I have seen some guys go through incredible transformation just by growing a beard. It changed them forever, and that is my point.


Simon Cowell

You will probably never see Simon Cowell with a beard, and that’s okay.


But some random guy might crawl out of his mom’s basement and decide to grow a beard and then finds himself becoming a millionaire a couple of times over. Leave him be and sell him some beard oil. Beards have helped many people find themselves and given them the confidence to start stepping into greatness. It is a journey and it might be a long one for some. But it has begun.

Help us change the minds of so many regarding the stigma of dirt equals beard and clean being associated with shaving. It is a mindset and perspective, that’s all. Let’s change it. Help us keep them soft, healthy and smelling great.

To the many women and men in the world- each to his own. Let us help, support and encourage each other in our ventures. Live in harmony-shaven or bearded.

Happy bearding.

Black Hat Out!

Black Hat Bloggers Introductions

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When having a look at our Black Hat Blog, you may notice that there is more than one author contributing. I would like to take some time and tell you a bit more about the people behind the names.

We will start with the lady first.

I decided to add a lady to the mix for obvious reasons-Mrs Black Hat is married to a bearded man. She will try to shed some light on the somewhat murky aspects of being involved with a bearded man. Abi (AKA Mrs Black Hat) will cover topics including kissing a man with a beard, dealing with social situations and having a relationship with the man behind the beard.

Mrs Black Hat

Secondly there is the tall, dark and handsome J.L. Borstlap (AKA Beard Bearer). We (Beard Bearer & Black Hat) met a little while ago and slowly but surely started to become friends. We share the passion for bearding and the enjoyment of good whiskey, bacon, cheese and coffee. We are looking forward to bringing you the people’s news and info regarding beards and the bearded lifestyle. The Beard Bearer will cover some of his own topics and rumour has it that he might do some reviews on various nice things as well. Beard Bearer for the win!

Beard Bearer

Then finally – The Black Hat. Me. My name is Kandas. Not Candice but almost. I am a father to one… There should be more sometime in the future. I am a husband. I am an avid beardsman. I am the owner of ‘The Black Hat Beard Company’ ~ Grooming for men is manly! I am an active member of our local Airsoft club. ~ Milsim for the win! I am a friend to some and foe to others- not too many though. Combining all these things makes me who I am. There are interests like fishing and coffee and bacon and zombies that could be added to this list as well, but I’ll leave it at that for now.

Black Hat


Last thought before heading off. With there being various people blogging and our lives being so different, there might be times where there will be some overlap in topics covered or things mentioned elsewhere. Overlap is not a bad thing. It will give one more than one perspective or view on certain topics.

If you have any questions or requests regarding bearding or the bearded lifestyle, give us a shout. We will answer those we can and find answers to those we can’t.

Happy bearding.

BH Out!

Is it soft or is it hard?

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I spoke to a man the other day who made a comment about beard balm not having the same hold as beard & mustache wax.

With this write-up I will try to shed some light on the subject of balm and wax. The definition according to the dictionary, not very clear though, says the following:

Balm: any of various oily, fragrant, resinous substances

Wax: a sticky yellowish moldable substance

With that being said, I will spend some time highlighting various aspects of the various properties of balm and wax. I am going to get straight to the point. Balms from various manufacturers can differ greatly in a number of ways.

(I just have to add that I will not be dissing any of the balms or the waxes. This is purely educational).

Once you have purchased your product (balm or wax), you will then proceed to open the tub or tin and- if you are anything like me- the first thing you will do is stick it under your nose and take a big sniff. Let us stop there and make some notes about the differences you may encounter at this point between wax and balm.

  1. Container size. Normally- and that is a very general normally- the wax comes in smaller containers compared to the beard balm. Balms come in tins and tubs of a slightly larger size. Why is there a difference between the two? Well basically, because of the hold wax has, small amounts are used to get the job done, whereas a larger quantity of balm will be used.
  2. Smell. Well, the two products could smell very different or they could smell exactly the same. This will depend on the oils and scents added to the initial blend to get the desired effect. Pretty straight forward.

Next you will probably stick your finger in there, right in the center, squeeze and rub and then check the consistency. Check the stickiness and then smell again.

  1. Consistency. Beard balm is again generally a bit softer than the waxes. I have come across some balms that have been relatively hard compared to others. It is very much a personal preference as to what will be the right one to use. The wax on the other hand will be harder and stickier in order to get the necessary hold for those curly mustaches or freestyle shaped beards. It might be a blend of various products like, waxes and oils etc.
  2. Smell. It still smells the same- fresh, clean, creamy and maybe a little minty even.

So, what’s the point?

You get beard balm and you get beard wax. They are different products used for different applications. You can use wax to style your beard or mustache but you probably won’t be able to use balm for the same purpose. Both products will help with feeding and nourishing your beard or mustache. It is possible that balm can be used to style your beard- it all depends on the beeswax content in the balm. Rather try and get the right product for the right application. You might take a while to find what you like in terms of scent and feel- experiment to find what works for you.

Hope this helps, and please send us your questions if there are any. We are happy to help where we can.

Happy bearding.

Black Hat Out!

Lady and the Beard!

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I have a thing for beards. Always have. So I guess it was inevitable that I would end up marrying a bearded man (even if he was clean shaven when he proposed, I could see the potential for awesome on that chin).
What I didn’t realize before I hooked up with Black Hat, is that there is, in fact, a secret code involved in living with The Beard. One needs to learn a new language, different etiquette, and, of course, kissing techniques.

It can either be a battleground or a paradise.

As #MrsBlackHat, I have decided to sympathize with all partners of bearded men and share the knowledge I have learnt through much trial, error and moustache-tickled nostrils.
Think of me as the guru of domestic, bearded bliss.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting a number of musings to make your relationship with The Beard work. Look out for tips on social situations, secret code, and sweet times with The Beard in your life.

And now, I’m off. I need to go attend to my Beard.

Why do you beard?

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Good Day all Beardsmen, Beard Bearers and Beardettes!

Today or this week I write a post on a more serious note. Lately I have thought about the world of Beards, why people grow beards, why they keep on styling or grooming their facial hair without shaving it off. Yes, you might think why would anyone think that, but stop for one second and put yourself back a few meters and think. People seldom ask you as a bearded man, “Why do you grow a beard?”, now your reason is your own but there are a couple of possibilities it can be.  You do it to fit in to a group of friends! You grow a beard to try something new! Your face now suddenly have hair because you just left school and feel that it will make you a man! Growing a beard is frowned upon by some and you want to be different, or you do it because you really want too.

Now understand the difference between making a small change and wanting too.

Most people in our daily society are all clean shaven, wearing nice clothing with styled hair and a good fashion sense. Every now and then walking in a large crowd, you would find the odd individual sporting a great beard. “Strange look, surely he is lazy!” is one of the many thoughts running in the minds of a lot of the people around him. “Hippies, they are being seen more and more in the streets.” is another one of those. But to me it has always been, “I wish I had the guts or the confidence to grow my beard like that” not because I am a woos or a coward but in my mind being cleanly shaven was the only acceptable style to have in the new world.  Up until one summer eve when I walked into Cox Pottery studio with my wife and met a man throwing his beard around the room with pride. First like I said my mind went, “NOOOO, now I will have beard envy for most of the evening” and went on with the night like normal. Couple of weeks later I hear through the grape vine that he is the owner of a company called , The Black Hat Beard Co. , firstly I never knew such a thing existed and now felt the urge to know more.

Needles to say I learned that there is more to our world than shaving and hairstyling, people actually grow beards and groom them with products. First question this man asked me was, “Do you like beards?” and in my mind I shouted , “Hell yes!!!” kept my cool and gave him a calm , “Yes, but never had the urge to grow one. Work, my wife doesn’t like the sting from the hairs when I kiss her etc etc.” feeling bad for lying with my eyes open. That night I accepted the chance to write for The Black Hat Beard Co. and start a new life journey, unaware of the change yet, to a happier and fuller me.

Please do not misunderstand me, I am as happy as can be. I have a wonderful family and a stunning wife! But this new project placed me in a totally new mind state. I did research about Beard Oils and Balms and Beards in general and soon felt part of their world. Took my wife to a sit down and convinced her to allow me to grow a beard. Yes, mission accomplished!

Now you sit in front of your mobile or computer and wonder, “Why did I start reading this?” , well here it is. I came here today to tell all the boys, teenagers and men out there shaving their mugs, only because it is accepted by our society, that there is more to it than that. I always had the urge and want to grow a beard, never did, until now, and let me tell you it feels great. I feel that I am doing something I really wanted to, I have something in my life only I can make sure stays under control. I feel better over all in life and society.

So please, put down the razor if you’ve always wanted too. Start growing that beard and join us here at The Black Hat Beard Co. in changing the minds of all the people frowning down on beards. Let us be the first to walk into the large crowd, with our beards and allow people to think, “That man really knows how to take care of himself” , still seeing the beard and letting all the other negative thoughts pass by.

The Black Hat Beard Co. is a company dedicated to helping you do just that. We sell Superior Beard Care products that will put your foot in the door of beard grooming. The rest is up to you! So make the decision, buy the products, grow the beard and join us in the movement in bringing back the beard!

I wish you all a wonderful day and week!

Please keep an eye out for the launch of our YouTube Channel and Series coming soon.

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Beard Bearer Signing out!

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