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So what is with the title?

I stuck the words beard and mustache into Google Translate, randomly selected Bosnian and hit enter.

Why the words beard & mustache?

Let me tell you.

This is it… The beginning of yet another adventure in the life of Black Hat.

We are proud to say it is official. Facial hair will be recognized in our community and we hope to do justice to all that might  join us or where we might get involved in any way.

We are talking about the launch of our beard club in East London, South Africa.

East London Stache n Beard!

SnB Logo

As a club we have met a couple of times but we would like to get ourselves on the map as a beard club. One among many in the world. We hope to achieve greatness of some sort in the future. There are some brilliant individuals that join us from time to time. I am sure there will be some upcoming introductions of some club members.

There are after all some class beards and stache’s in the club, and that’s what it’s all about.

It is still early days, but we will keep you posted on progress, events and the like.

If you are anything like me you would ask anther question, I’m sure.

Why a beard club? Well that’s easy. There are loads of people with beards. Why not get them together in one spot, have a drink, some good food and chat about beards & mustache’s? Share stories and build friendships.

Keep an eye, more to come…



Fad or a Lifestyle?

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For what I am about to write I ask forgiveness, if necessary. I do not mean to offend anyone- not much, anyway. Here goes.

There is this thing- The Beard!


The Beard





What to do with it? Do you jump on the proverbial band wagon and grow, grow, grow, or do you keep it short and remark on other men’s facial hair with comments like “dirty beard”? What is in the minds of the majority- men and women-regarding beards? Is it a fad or is it a lifestyle?

Beards have been around as long as men have been around. Since the beginning of time.


Epictetus (AD 55) stated he would embrace death before shaving.


For those that think this is just a fad and it will blow over soon-If you have a beard, please shave. I don’t want to be full of crap, I just want to be honest. Be who you are. Look at yourself in the mirror and make a decision-with or without, and then do it. If you are riding the bandwagon, that’s cool as well -each to his own. Happy bearding. But take note-the beard is here to stay. I have known people with beards all my life- way before the beard thing became big anywhere. Again I say the beard is here to stay. Humanity and human DNA dictates that men will have beards as long as their bodies produce the needed chemicals to encourage hair growth on our chins. Why? Because that is how our Heavenly Father has made us. Men will be hairy.


A couple of decisions will have to be made from this point on.

 Yes or No

Do you shave or not?


Let’s say YES. What then? Then you shave, done. Are you less of a man? No. Are you cleaner than any of the other men that have a beard? No. In fact some clean shaven brothers are a bit grimier than many others. Whatever you decide to do, rather leave the insults about beards, dirt and crap at home. Hell yes! There is no difference when it comes to cleanliness. Some prefer the beard; others don’t.

Let’s say you decide to say NO to shaving. What then? Then you grow. Does that make you dirty? No. Does it make you more of a man? No. The chemicals that make hair grow are there. It is choice that dictates whether you have a beard or not. It does increase the manly look of some. I have seen some guys go through incredible transformation just by growing a beard. It changed them forever, and that is my point.


Simon Cowell

You will probably never see Simon Cowell with a beard, and that’s okay.


But some random guy might crawl out of his mom’s basement and decide to grow a beard and then finds himself becoming a millionaire a couple of times over. Leave him be and sell him some beard oil. Beards have helped many people find themselves and given them the confidence to start stepping into greatness. It is a journey and it might be a long one for some. But it has begun.

Help us change the minds of so many regarding the stigma of dirt equals beard and clean being associated with shaving. It is a mindset and perspective, that’s all. Let’s change it. Help us keep them soft, healthy and smelling great.

To the many women and men in the world- each to his own. Let us help, support and encourage each other in our ventures. Live in harmony-shaven or bearded.

Happy bearding.

Black Hat Out!

Is it soft or is it hard?

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I spoke to a man the other day who made a comment about beard balm not having the same hold as beard & mustache wax.

With this write-up I will try to shed some light on the subject of balm and wax. The definition according to the dictionary, not very clear though, says the following:

Balm: any of various oily, fragrant, resinous substances

Wax: a sticky yellowish moldable substance

With that being said, I will spend some time highlighting various aspects of the various properties of balm and wax. I am going to get straight to the point. Balms from various manufacturers can differ greatly in a number of ways.

(I just have to add that I will not be dissing any of the balms or the waxes. This is purely educational).

Once you have purchased your product (balm or wax), you will then proceed to open the tub or tin and- if you are anything like me- the first thing you will do is stick it under your nose and take a big sniff. Let us stop there and make some notes about the differences you may encounter at this point between wax and balm.

  1. Container size. Normally- and that is a very general normally- the wax comes in smaller containers compared to the beard balm. Balms come in tins and tubs of a slightly larger size. Why is there a difference between the two? Well basically, because of the hold wax has, small amounts are used to get the job done, whereas a larger quantity of balm will be used.
  2. Smell. Well, the two products could smell very different or they could smell exactly the same. This will depend on the oils and scents added to the initial blend to get the desired effect. Pretty straight forward.

Next you will probably stick your finger in there, right in the center, squeeze and rub and then check the consistency. Check the stickiness and then smell again.

  1. Consistency. Beard balm is again generally a bit softer than the waxes. I have come across some balms that have been relatively hard compared to others. It is very much a personal preference as to what will be the right one to use. The wax on the other hand will be harder and stickier in order to get the necessary hold for those curly mustaches or freestyle shaped beards. It might be a blend of various products like, waxes and oils etc.
  2. Smell. It still smells the same- fresh, clean, creamy and maybe a little minty even.

So, what’s the point?

You get beard balm and you get beard wax. They are different products used for different applications. You can use wax to style your beard or mustache but you probably won’t be able to use balm for the same purpose. Both products will help with feeding and nourishing your beard or mustache. It is possible that balm can be used to style your beard- it all depends on the beeswax content in the balm. Rather try and get the right product for the right application. You might take a while to find what you like in terms of scent and feel- experiment to find what works for you.

Hope this helps, and please send us your questions if there are any. We are happy to help where we can.

Happy bearding.

Black Hat Out!

Why do you beard?

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Good Day all Beardsmen, Beard Bearers and Beardettes!

Today or this week I write a post on a more serious note. Lately I have thought about the world of Beards, why people grow beards, why they keep on styling or grooming their facial hair without shaving it off. Yes, you might think why would anyone think that, but stop for one second and put yourself back a few meters and think. People seldom ask you as a bearded man, “Why do you grow a beard?”, now your reason is your own but there are a couple of possibilities it can be.  You do it to fit in to a group of friends! You grow a beard to try something new! Your face now suddenly have hair because you just left school and feel that it will make you a man! Growing a beard is frowned upon by some and you want to be different, or you do it because you really want too.

Now understand the difference between making a small change and wanting too.

Most people in our daily society are all clean shaven, wearing nice clothing with styled hair and a good fashion sense. Every now and then walking in a large crowd, you would find the odd individual sporting a great beard. “Strange look, surely he is lazy!” is one of the many thoughts running in the minds of a lot of the people around him. “Hippies, they are being seen more and more in the streets.” is another one of those. But to me it has always been, “I wish I had the guts or the confidence to grow my beard like that” not because I am a woos or a coward but in my mind being cleanly shaven was the only acceptable style to have in the new world.  Up until one summer eve when I walked into Cox Pottery studio with my wife and met a man throwing his beard around the room with pride. First like I said my mind went, “NOOOO, now I will have beard envy for most of the evening” and went on with the night like normal. Couple of weeks later I hear through the grape vine that he is the owner of a company called , The Black Hat Beard Co. , firstly I never knew such a thing existed and now felt the urge to know more.

Needles to say I learned that there is more to our world than shaving and hairstyling, people actually grow beards and groom them with products. First question this man asked me was, “Do you like beards?” and in my mind I shouted , “Hell yes!!!” kept my cool and gave him a calm , “Yes, but never had the urge to grow one. Work, my wife doesn’t like the sting from the hairs when I kiss her etc etc.” feeling bad for lying with my eyes open. That night I accepted the chance to write for The Black Hat Beard Co. and start a new life journey, unaware of the change yet, to a happier and fuller me.

Please do not misunderstand me, I am as happy as can be. I have a wonderful family and a stunning wife! But this new project placed me in a totally new mind state. I did research about Beard Oils and Balms and Beards in general and soon felt part of their world. Took my wife to a sit down and convinced her to allow me to grow a beard. Yes, mission accomplished!

Now you sit in front of your mobile or computer and wonder, “Why did I start reading this?” , well here it is. I came here today to tell all the boys, teenagers and men out there shaving their mugs, only because it is accepted by our society, that there is more to it than that. I always had the urge and want to grow a beard, never did, until now, and let me tell you it feels great. I feel that I am doing something I really wanted to, I have something in my life only I can make sure stays under control. I feel better over all in life and society.

So please, put down the razor if you’ve always wanted too. Start growing that beard and join us here at The Black Hat Beard Co. in changing the minds of all the people frowning down on beards. Let us be the first to walk into the large crowd, with our beards and allow people to think, “That man really knows how to take care of himself” , still seeing the beard and letting all the other negative thoughts pass by.

The Black Hat Beard Co. is a company dedicated to helping you do just that. We sell Superior Beard Care products that will put your foot in the door of beard grooming. The rest is up to you! So make the decision, buy the products, grow the beard and join us in the movement in bringing back the beard!

I wish you all a wonderful day and week!

Please keep an eye out for the launch of our YouTube Channel and Series coming soon.

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Beard Bearer Signing out!

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Musical Lifestyle : Bearded , Exposed , Groomed

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Good Day fellow Beardsmen , Beard Bearers  and Beardettes!

We here at The Black Hat Beard Co. is excited to announce and introduce a fellow Hatter and Musician. Not only does he have a beard or uses Black Hat products, but he is talented in the art of music. With a few originals in his arsenal along with unique and perfectly styled covers, Johnny Camel, is the next best thing. Since we first started our journey with Johnny Camel, I , Beard Bearer, have been looping and dissecting as much of his music as I can. I stumbled on some tracks that now repeats in my ears as I write this post, not because I had to, but truly thanks to it being bad ass, great and different.


For me to come here and tell you all about this great artist is not my purpose or task, that he will do himself. All I need to do is give you a small taste of what is to come regarding The Black Hat and Johnny Camel. Not only is he a user of our products, but he is the official Black-Hatter of the Western Cape. What does that mean? If you hear, see, find a sample of our products somewhere in your life and you live in the Western Cape, do not fear, all you need to do is contact Johnny Camel and he will hook you up.

First you will make a phone call and in return hear a voice deep enough to create craters and make you feel like you arrived at the manliest of beard companies out there, fear not, his music is even better. Place the order with him and wait… Plus it is accompanied by some great guitar and loops. Now need I say more, the man is unique, and I tested him for it. One morning during my mind scrambles I thought, let us give him a small test, let us see if he really is the great man and superb musician we see on all his channels. I dialed him up, waited for the thunder to reply and cheeky as I am requested my own cover. Not only did I choose a favorite of mine, but I chose something totally out of his style of music or what he usually does. Less than 48 hours later I receive a text, “Your cover is uploading!” , yes I thought the exact same thing. Fast, way fast! I opened the laptop screen, slid the browser over to YouTube and low and behold there it is.

Now if you watched that like a good Bearer should, you would feel the same. Not only is it different from the original but he made it his own and aced it. I was pleased with the result and listened to the song over and over again for the next couple of days. Up to the point to where I said, I want an interview with this man. And here we are, the moment I have been waiting for and hopefully you too. The questions are simple and plain, but like we know Johnny Camel, he made the questions his own and developed it into something big and great, for artist reasons and purposes I will keep his replies just as he typed them.


Interview Questions with the one and only Western Cape Black-Hatter , Johnny Camel : 

Firstly in your own words in a short paragraph tell our readers who Johnny Camel is and what about yourself makes you the way you are.

Johnny Camel… well, firstly Johnny Camel is my stage name. People often ask me why I use a stage name, so let me give you the back drop. I started playing guitar at the age of 10. I immediately started joining my teachers, in primary school, playing in the praise and worship band. Playing in a band straight away taught me a lot about the mechanics of music. Having no professional training in what I do, I rely on my ear-for-music. Playing in various gospel-, garage-, school and one or two gigging bands along the way definitely played a great part in developing this.
So why Johnny Camel? Coming to Stellenbosch University in 2008 to study BRek, put me in a challenging position. Between social, Res, academic and sport commitments I no longer had the time to commit to band practices. This lead to me playing alone mostly. In my final year of accounting I decided I had to start supporting myself financially and the easiest  way of doing this was by making music.
I started booking quite a few gigs and realised the little 10 year old boy’s dream of being a professional musician could realise. However, I couldn’t afford to over-indulge in music as my studies would suffer immensely.
Johnny Camel became a manageable identity on its own, so as not to over indulge while still studying.

After finishing my BRek degree I made the decision to study further, and currently I am a final year Engineering student at Stellenbosch University.

This long story plays a great part in who and what Johnny Camel is. Along the way I grew as a musician and my, to some extent double life, started becoming one. Musically I am now a singer songwriter. I am a loop artist, armed with an acoustic 6 string and some other toys. To describe my music, I would use the term acoustic alternative rock… mainly because my voice has an element of one of the big cats in Africa that has been made wet and is not very happy about it. Other people call it smoky, raspy and whiskey infused.

Looking back at your life as a musician or artist, what made you grow a beard? Was it just curiosity or something specific?

Growing a beard has been a journey on its own. There is a definite life decision that strongly connects to my decision. At the end of the day it takes commitment, drive and a whole lot of patience to grow a beard. Commitment was the big factor in this. I committed myself to making some serious changes in my life during 2015. Just before starting my academic year I committed growing a beard as a constant reminder of what I want to achieve this year. I find it hard to put in words what a difference these 3months has had. As the beard grows and starts to show its own life, so I grow personally. I am constantly reminded of this journey and growing my beard gives me a sense of self fulfillment that is near impossible to describe.


Having a beard yourself, is there anything about the beard growing process that made you feel like giving up, grabbing the razor and shave it off?

YES! Ah… I think it is the same if you ever wanted to grow your hair out. There is a stage it looks absolutely shaggy. Messy. Push through, because they pay-off is well worth it. At the same time, having some symbolic connotation to my beard, the struggle has , and excuse me for this, really “been real”.
From the shaggy stage, to itchiness, to personal battles… it’s been a journey, and we aren’t even near the end! Currently though, my beard looks and feels great. I would not for a second entertain the thought of picking up my, by now, dusty razor for a shave.

Your music, is it driven by something in your life, or are you still feeling things out and trying to find good motivation for writing music?

Most men can relate when I say I find it difficult to word my emotions at times. Even the times I find the words, I find it near impossible to really work through it. We all have our vices of dealing with it. Some of us indulge in fitness, other food, some grab a bottle, other write, some can draw… at the end of the day, we men do something with our hands while we think or try not to.
Playing music since I was a young boy, my guitars became my vice. If I find myself angry I play, frustrated I play, happy or sad… I play. When I pick up my guitar, life simplifies and I disappear into my own world for a while.

Thus, to answer you, life is my inspiration and music my vice.


Would you say having a beard had a impact on your life, made something about you or your fan-base change?

Growing a beard has definitely had an immense impact on my life. Let’s put aside the connotation I have to growing a beard for a second.
Growing a beard and what you need to know:
Most guys respect the fact that you dedicate yourself to this. Some guys try to put you down, ignore it, the beard speaks for itself in this case.
Women tend to have mixed responses as well. Some see it as a fashion accessory, some evidently think your face is a puppy and sees the beard as something to be petted. There definitely are some who are totally put off by a beard, same rule applies here, the beard needs no defending.
Mostly though, from my experience, woman likes the beard.

As people tend to judge a man by the type of shoes or watch he wears, so they do with those of us growing facial hair. Thus, as with any form of judgement… judge me as you wish. It speaks more of your character than mine.

Lastly, no, I don’t think my beard has changed my fan base. I have grown as an individual as my beard grew and I wouldn’t change this for a second.

When you were waiting for your first products from Black Hat Beard Co., did they meet your expectations?

Crossing paths with Black Hat has been a truly great experience. I am proud to announce on this forum for the first time, that I am officially a Black Hat Brand Ambassador and a Western Cape rep for the company. In other words, if you are in the Western Cape and need to get your hands on their superior product range, feel free to contact me 😉

My dealings with Black Hat started as a shared passion for music and beards. My beard was trembling in anticipation. Up until then I used normal shampoo and conditioner on my beard. It worked to some extent but my beard always had a normal facial hair feel to it. (Stiff and hard)
I’ve been using the Black Hat range for almost two weeks and wow! The look, feel and smell of my beard have honestly changed for the better. No more itchiness, soft, fresh, a well groomed appearance AND my skin looks great.  I liked the product so much, after using,  I came forward to negotiate myself into the position to get the products in WC and be an ambassador for Black Hat.

Expectations exceeded. Definitely.


What is next for Johnny Camel and his beard? Will we see more original work?

There is defiantly more original work on the way. My big dream is to get studio time and some backing to be able to release an album. Currently though, finishing up my engineering degree is my main focus. Next year big things are on the cards for my music.

For now, expect regular, signature Johnny Camel styled, covers on my social media platforms of songs you can sing along with.

Sure that most people do, but do you have a beard habit you know of? Pulling on it, stroking too much etc etc?

Haha… I find myself feeling ten years older every time I catch myself doing the following. When thinking I tend to with my thumb and forefinger trace along my mustache down to my beard repeatedly. It is a great stress relief to be honest.

Also, on the motorbike it has become a habit to were a Buff around my face and neck, guarding the beard from “helmet hair”, yet I pull the ends of my mustache out of the buff. Thinking about it I probably look like a “spiedkop” gone bad/evil.

Is the beard here to stay, will you encourage other men to grow a beard? If yes, why?

The beard is definitely staying until I am holding my engineering degree in one hand and accounting in the other. At the moment though, I can’t imagine shaving it off afterwards.

Why? In three short months my beard has been the symbolic embodiment of my personal journey and I love this. It is a constant visual reminder of what I am working towards. I can see myself setting new milestones after these are achieved and continue growing.

To paraphrase Jungle Book: “It’s a beard necessity, a simple beard necessity, to forget about the worries in your life”


Now to near the end of my post, I am sure you feel the same as we do here at The Black Hat Beard Co.! We look forward to the future with this great talented musician and what is to come. He is on our website and on our social media, but he also sports his own. Look for the links at the end of the post. If you see that beard on the bike, wave, stop, shout or do whatever you can to get his attention. Allow him to play you a song then sell you a Beard Oil or Balm. Join me Beard Bearer and Johnny Camel in changing the mindset towards beards. Let us make the people see, beards are here to stay, and with a bit of good music, some extra time grooming and good products allow the men of our world to look their Beardest!



As I leave you to indulge on the sound of Johnny Camel, I would like to thank him personally for all the time and effort he has put into The Black Hat Beard Co. for the future is on its way. If you want to see more of him or just listen to his music while you work, study, eat, sleep or whatever your kick will be follow him at the following spots.

Johnny Camel Facebook 

Johnny Camel SoundCloud

Johnny Camel YouTube

Thanks for reading the post and the interview, we here at The black Hat Beard Co. will see you soon.

Please make sure to follow me , Beard Bearer , on my social media for upcoming deals and great things incoming. We will be launching a YouTube channel and a great competition so make sure you follow my every move!

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Other than that I have no more! Watch this blog every week for more things regarding Beards and Grooming and Whiskey!

Beard Bearer singing out, Keep Grooming!

Beard Bearer…



Soon, very soon!

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Good-day all fellow Beardmen, BeardBearers, Lumbersexuals and Bearddetes!

It is coming closer and closer to the time of great beardness. We here at the, Black Hat Beard Co. , have been working hard at perfecting our product and establishing relationships with all people working with us. We are also on the verge of launching another great Project that involves beards in the near future.

My role as the Beard Bearer here at Black Hat is to inform all of our followers, customers and fellow beards men anything that has to do with beards. Gatherings, How to use products, Growing a beard and all projects or moments part of the Black Hat Beard Co.!

Therefore I am posting a small entry to inform you that I will be having interviews with people that are directly or indirectly involved with The Black Hat Beard Co. or its products.

We have a list of people lined up regarding this so please come back regularly to read about them. We are also working on a project that will allow you to stand a chance to win discount on all of our products, so please keep an eye out for that.

Follow me , Beard Bearer, on my social media to watch out for heads ups and links to all the interviews and projects regarding this.

Twitter : @BeardBearer

Youtube : Beard Bearer

Facebook : The Black Hat Beard Company

Instagram : @beardbearer

We are excited and looking forward to all things to come!


Beard Bearer Out!

From small beginnings.

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It is happening. We have a facebook page, an instagram account and now a website…

We even have a blog. Fancy that. Have a good friend of mine (Lohan) that is going to be writing for this blog on a regular basis. Seeing that he decided it is time to start growing a beard. He will be in the thick of things here on The Black Hat Blog. He also runs his own Blog from here. Check him out. Well worth it. Lets call him ‘The Beard Bearer’ for future reference.

It has taken a little while but we are live and active.

With so many ideas that my head wants to explode, I will roll them out one at a time. Hopefully remember to advertise them all and keep everyone in the loop as to what happening in the life of The Black Hat.


I would like to make a request. Please could you guys talk to us here at BH.

There are a couple of things we would like to do, and the only way is to get the people involved.

First, we would like to supply a no compromise superior beard product range. If something is off, please let us know so we can make right with you. If there are suggestions about improving what we supply, we are all ears. Not at the place yet where we can craft personal oil and balm yet

Secondly, at this stage it is my better half and myself together with our blogger mate The Beard Bearer, that does everything. We are currently working on a way forward to include others in our venture, but more details on that at a later stage as well.  If we miss something somehow, send us hate-mail. We want it so we can fix the problems.

Third and last, please post, like, comment and share on some of our forums. If you rather instagram. Cool. #theblackhat and off you go. Facebook, give us a like and share or two. Blogger by heart ? Come and right, more than welcome.

That’s it in a nutshell…


For beards in South Africa.#localislekka

Superior beard care products and accessories.

From small beginnings.