Ferdinand von Zeppelin

BIRTHDAY: July 8, 1838


DEATH DATE: Mar 8, 1917 Β (age 78)

ABOUT: German entrepreneur and military veteran who founded the famed Zeppelin aircraft company. He was previously a general in the German army and served as an official observer for the Union Army during the U.S. Civil War.

BEFORE FAME: He began attending military school at Ludwigsburg in 1855 and was promoted to Lieutenant in 1858.

TRIVIA: The name of the British classic rock band Led Zeppelin was inspired by his aircraft.

FAMILY LIFE: He married Isabella Freiin von Wolff in August 1869. They had a daughter named Helene.

ASSOCIATED WITH: One of his employees was future Dornier GmbH founder Claudius Dornier.

This scent has a camphoraceous overtone combined with a blend of sweet Cedarwood undertones and the warm bitter-burnt fragrance of the Teatree. Spicy, rich and refreshing.



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