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Hello World!

The Beard Bearer here, with a simple and quick, #BeardBearers, post to tell you more about the products of Black Hat Beard Company.

Let me start at the very beginning and address a couple of questions regarding our products  :

What is a Beard Oil? :

How to put this into words that will be appealing to all, other than the obvious? Beard oil is sort off like a brake fluid to your facial hair. Say you decided to grow your beard, suddenly your face itches, dries up and gets flaky. Just like your hair. That is where the oil comes into play. Beard Oil, is a key element to keeping your beard in shape and stylish. It functions as moisturizer to make the beard look smoother, fuller and healthier.

Why use Beard Oil? :

Now this speaks for itself, for the following three main reasons. Your beard is itchy and that causes you to feel the urge to shave it off. We discourage that by the way!!!
Secondly because your beard has flakes in them, just like hair on your head the beard needs to be taken care of, for the head we have shampoo and conditioner, here we have the oil.
Thirdly Black Hat Beard Company is the best smell and feeling your beard will ever know, HE HE HE!.
Mainly you want your beard to look good and at the same time feel good, so use the Beard Oil, it is good for you.

How to use Beard Oil? :

When it comes to the how to, it is very preference orientated process. Remember, the longer the beard the more oil you will have to use. Also keep in mind water and oil do not mix, so make sure the beard is fairly dry when applying the product.
Best time will be right after you come out of the shower or after you have washed your face. Why? The water and the heat of the steam opens the pores and softens the beard.
Now the amount of oil is all up to you, but keep in mind it needs to be absorbed by the skin, it wont evaporate into air! We recommend four to five drops if you use Our Products, but the longer the beard the more this might get. Rub the oil over your hands “Not into your hand” then slowly massage the oil over your beard and face. Please do not feel obligated to press hard and make sure it touches the skin, it is not necessary.
When this is done, grab our trusty combs and make sure you style and brush the beard. “One does not simply walk in public without a stylish beard!“.

What is Beard Balm? :

Beard balm is similar to the oil but, O SO DIFFERENT! Oil is absorbed by the skin and helps the skin to stay healthy and fresh. The balm is for the Beard itself. Simply it is a leave in “Conditioner” or Moisturizer of sort. It helps to soften and strengthen the beard, ultimately making it look better and more stylish.

Why use Beard Balm? :

Do you want people to see your beard and go, Why o Why?, no you do not, so treat the beard the same amount of attention as your head hair. IF, that means no attention at all, then change up your routine, you made the choice to grow it, now look after it. The balm will help your hair to be strong and smell good. For the ladies you see? It will help you beard to style easy and look full and neat.

How to use Beard Balm? :

Simple, just open your Beard Balm canister. Using your Thumb Nail, using the skin might prove difficult, remove some of the balm. Rub the balm between the fingers and then apply.
Start from the bottom of the neck and softly apply the balm to the beard. Now brace yourself, here it comes! The smell is great, and it stays! You breathe in through the nose and smile as you know that smelling that the rest of the day is simply great. Other than the smell, the sound of combing the hair is wonderful. Give the beard another good comb making sure it is the way you want it to be and then you are done.

Hope the quick description helps you with applying the products. Keep coming back to the blog for more information regarding #BeardBearers and of coarse The Black Hat Beard Company.

We have some exciting upcoming projects and interviews so keep an eye out!

J.L. Borstlap aka The Beard Bearer signing out!