Fad or a Lifestyle?

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For what I am about to write I ask forgiveness, if necessary. I do not mean to offend anyone- not much, anyway. Here goes.

There is this thing- The Beard!


The Beard





What to do with it? Do you jump on the proverbial band wagon and grow, grow, grow, or do you keep it short and remark on other men’s facial hair with comments like “dirty beard”? What is in the minds of the majority- men and women-regarding beards? Is it a fad or is it a lifestyle?

Beards have been around as long as men have been around. Since the beginning of time.


Epictetus (AD 55) stated he would embrace death before shaving.


For those that think this is just a fad and it will blow over soon-If you have a beard, please shave. I don’t want to be full of crap, I just want to be honest. Be who you are. Look at yourself in the mirror and make a decision-with or without, and then do it. If you are riding the bandwagon, that’s cool as well -each to his own. Happy bearding. But take note-the beard is here to stay. I have known people with beards all my life- way before the beard thing became big anywhere. Again I say the beard is here to stay. Humanity and human DNA dictates that men will have beards as long as their bodies produce the needed chemicals to encourage hair growth on our chins. Why? Because that is how our Heavenly Father has made us. Men will be hairy.


A couple of decisions will have to be made from this point on.

 Yes or No

Do you shave or not?


Let’s say YES. What then? Then you shave, done. Are you less of a man? No. Are you cleaner than any of the other men that have a beard? No. In fact some clean shaven brothers are a bit grimier than many others. Whatever you decide to do, rather leave the insults about beards, dirt and crap at home. Hell yes! There is no difference when it comes to cleanliness. Some prefer the beard; others don’t.

Let’s say you decide to say NO to shaving. What then? Then you grow. Does that make you dirty? No. Does it make you more of a man? No. The chemicals that make hair grow are there. It is choice that dictates whether you have a beard or not. It does increase the manly look of some. I have seen some guys go through incredible transformation just by growing a beard. It changed them forever, and that is my point.


Simon Cowell

You will probably never see Simon Cowell with a beard, and that’s okay.


But some random guy might crawl out of his mom’s basement and decide to grow a beard and then finds himself becoming a millionaire a couple of times over. Leave him be and sell him some beard oil. Beards have helped many people find themselves and given them the confidence to start stepping into greatness. It is a journey and it might be a long one for some. But it has begun.

Help us change the minds of so many regarding the stigma of dirt equals beard and clean being associated with shaving. It is a mindset and perspective, that’s all. Let’s change it. Help us keep them soft, healthy and smelling great.

To the many women and men in the world- each to his own. Let us help, support and encourage each other in our ventures. Live in harmony-shaven or bearded.

Happy bearding.

Black Hat Out!